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Useful links imageUseful Links, a small business from time to time needs a “shortcut” to web pages with useful information. This page is dedicated to Small business in search of reliable information for Small business, in Australia.

Each business has unique needs and questions, so we spend a lot of time on the internet  trying to find what we need. (in that point in time)

We are attempting to create a page, on our website that will collate several links to webpages and will offer these findings for your quick reference and use, while visiting our website.

We found that the sensis page  for small business, offers quite a variety of links, useful for a small business. Definitively  worth having a look.

The small business section of the SA Government  website is also a good source of information an definitively worth exploring.

We have decided to have link to the ATO website, in this page. The ATO website  is a common place for searches related to payroll tax, business tax, PAYG  and many others matter that surround the everyday life of a small business.

In any case,  if you have question and you are looking for fast, local professional services to assist you, in your daily tasks just call on 0450 503 003 or you book an appointment on line using our friendly form.


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