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Business Excellence – The Concept…

“… is often described as “outstanding practices in managing an organisation and achieving results, all based on a set of fundamental concepts or values”.

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Entrepreneurs, managers, and employees alike take heed, if you want to be considered excellent at business, you need to master these three simple things.

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1. Be Efficient –Turn in work on time.

2. Be Effective–Do great work.

3. Be Congenial–Be a pleasure to work with.



Of course this makes perfect sense.  In case you can’t master all of them, let us say that even any two of these will keep you in business.  Here is why:

  • If you do great work and are a pleasure to deal with, then most people will put up with a deliverable arriving a little late.
  • If you turn in work on time and you are a pleasure to deal with, then most people will put up with your work being a little less than perfect.
  • And if you turn in great work and you turn it in on time then people are more willing to put up with you being unpleasant.

Now we agree wholeheartedly that two out of three may be enough, but your business should  strive to achieve a hat trick.

A successful business is the combination of several factors constantly improving through time.  A Successful business will  skillfully integrate the appropriate improvements and will  approach those with honesty, commitment, and constancy of purpose across all department and levels of management.  BE is much more than having a quality system in place; but rather it is about achieving excellence in everything that an organisation does (including leadership, strategy, customer focus, information management, people and processes) – most importantly achieving superior business results.

Is your organisation achieving its true business excellence?  

How can you find out?  Easy, just use our free Business Excellence Simple Test (B.E.S.T.) Tool.

Or you can also try our efficiency-calculator tool. This is another free tool, ready to assist you testing your business’s true potential!        Give them a go, they are Free and Fun!


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