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    • Thanks RC, glad we at Business Excellence Consultants could be of such help. Let us know if you have any further spreadsheets you need updating.

  1. We have recently engaged Business Excellence Consultants, enquiring on ways to improve our performance and streamlining some office procedures. Let’ say we are very pleased with the results! There have been a number of time saving initiatives put in place, estimated to save us over 3 weeks worth of time this year alone; not to mention the cost savings! And it was as easy as making a phone call.

    We managed to work on smarter, more efficient ways of using our current software- so no need to buy any expensive programs or costly training. We were able to build an automated Excel Spreadsheet that does everything we need, and gather all information in one easy location. It was designed for me, to the specifications that I wanted. The S/sheet is easy to use and make complex task such as managing revenue, cash-flow projections and analysis really simple. Also has taken away the repetitiveness of certain tasks, saving valuable time.

    We are now working on even more improvements and features to this already awesome tool, to make my working day even more streamlined and efficient.
    I love working “smarter” not “harder” and Dom from Business Excellence Consultants and his excel spreadsheet have delivered this.

    We would definitively recommend that you gave the team at Business Excellence Consultants a call, or just a quick email.
    They could really change your working experience and unlock some great working potential!
    Call 0450 503 003

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